What is the Green Bean Endurance Challenge program?

The Green Bean Endurance Challenge is an awards program for new and aspiring endurance riders.  All members have fewer then 1,000 career Limited Distance and Endurance miles from our parent organization, the American Endurance Ride Conference.  This program recognizes riders who complete a ‘first’ in their endurance career. Perhaps it’s a first LD, a first 100, or even a first pull.  It also encourages riders to participate in other ways and grants points for non-riding activities including volunteering, crewing, attending clinics, listening to a webinar, and more.  

Members can also join with other Green Beans to form a team that competes with other teams for year end awards.  Members can form their own teams or be assigned to one.  Either way, the team competition is always a fun way to meet other new riders, whether it is online or in-person.   Whether on a team or not, everyone who earns the minimum points for the year earns a completion certificate and pin.  The point system includes completions, pulls, bonus points, and distance multipliers.

Good luck on your endurance adventure! Saddle up and enjoy the journey – you’ve found the best equine sport around!

Congratulations to our "Miled-out" Green Beans over the years!