Check out all the ways you can earn points!

Reminder:  in order to get points, submit them to us!  Everyone who earns at least 10 points gets a year end completion award!  And, if you complete certain items, you can win a tack set by Two Horse Tack in our Garden Challenge!  

Check your standings on our Scoreboards page.


  • Non-completion due to a vet pull: 1 point
  • Non-complete due to a rider option: 5 points
  • LD completion: miles x 1
  • Endurance 50-74 miles: miles x 1.25
  • Endurance 75 – 100 miles: miles x 1.5
  • Endurance 100 miles: miles x 1.75


  • Utilizing a mentor15 points (15 points max/season)
  • Volunteering at an AERC ride.  10 points per day or  5 points per half day
  • Manage a ride.  Your name must be on the AERC website as manager or listed on the ride flyer – 50 points each
  • Entry-level rides. Must be held on the same day over the same trails as an AERC event.  Must have a pre-and post- ride vet check.  Must be between 5 and 15 miles long. – 10 points each
  • Riding the same horse back to back LD10 points each consecutive day
  • Riding the same horse back to back Endurance15 points each consecutive day
  • Sponsor a junior at a ride.  The junior need not be a GBE member – 5 points each ride
  • Clinics: AERC Endurance 101/102 clinic and/or completing the Endurance Essentials online course – 15 points each
  • Seminars at AERC or regional AERC affiliated club (SEDRA, UMECRA, PNER, etc).  5 points each
  • Webinars: Hosted by Green Bean or AERC-I – 5 points each