Check out all the ways you can earn points!

Reminder:  in order to get points, submit them to us!  Everyone who earns at least 10 points gets a year end completion award!  And, if you complete certain items, you can win a tack set by Two Horse Tack in our Garden Challenge!  

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Qualifying Rides:  Only those events that are sanctioned by AERC qualify to receive Ride Entry Points.  This is limited to Limited Distance and Endurance.  If AERC does not report results for your event, it is not eligible.  Note:  entry level rides (under 15 miles may be eligible for Bonus Points – see below).

  • Non-completion due to a vet pull: 1 point
  • Non-completion due to over time: 1 point
  • Non-complete due to a rider option: 5 points
  • LD completion: miles x 1
  • Endurance 50-74 miles: miles x 1.25
  • Endurance 75 – 100 miles: miles x 1.5
  • Endurance 100 miles: miles x 1.75


  • Utilizing a mentor15 points (15 points max/season)
  • Volunteering at an AERC ride.  10 points per day or  5 points per half day
  • Manage a ride.  Your name must be on the AERC website as manager or listed on the ride flyer – 50 points each
  • Entry-level rides. Must be held on the same day over the same trails as an AERC event.  Must have a pre-and post- ride vet check.  Must be between 5 and 15 miles long. – 10 points each
  • Riding the same horse back to back LD or Endurance completions10 points each consecutive day. 
  • Sponsor a junior at a ride.  The junior need not be a GBE member – 5 points each ride
  • Clinics: AERC Endurance 101/102 clinic and/or completing the Endurance Essentials online course – 15 points each
  • Seminars at AERC or regional AERC affiliated club (SEDRA, UMECRA, PNER, etc).  5 points each
  • Webinars: Hosted by Green Beans, AERC, AERC-I, or SERA 100MM series – 5 points each
  • Write an Article for Endurance News and/or the Green Bean Blog. – 5 points each