The Scoreboards

Days Remaining in 2019 AERC Season

Remember to Submit your Ride Report and Bonus Activities

In order to get points in the program, members must submit an entry for all activities including rides, clinics, entry-level rides, webinars, sponsoring a junior, volunteering, managing a ride, and getting a mentor. There is no automatic link between AERC’s database and ours.  



Teams of 5 compete 'virtually' against other team. Teams are formed beginning in December through February 15 each year. Teams are optional, but very fun!



Each horse and rider unit accumulate points and are ranked against other rider/horse units who have similar experience.

Rider All Horses

Individual - All Horses

This scoreboard tallies all points earned by a rider for every horse ridden. There is no limit to the number of horses that a rider can use for this scoreboard.


Garden Challenge

Complete your 'chores' and get a chance to win a complete tack set! Chores are based on your starting mileage and include non-riding activities such as volunteering and getting a mentor.


Rider Detail

If you need to verify what you have submitted to the program, click here! Search on any field.


Need Help?

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A few of our members

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