2019 Team Registration & Interest Survey

It’s that time of year when teams are formed!

The team competition consists of up to 5 riders who collectively accrue points towards a year end award.  Team members do not need to live near each other or ride together.  Also, a rider can ride as many different horses as they wish – all points will count towards the team total.  

Teams are grouped by total team starting mileage for year end awards.  The cut-off varies based on the number of teams we have.

TO REGISTER: Click the button to register a team.  You’ll be redirected to a Google Sheet.  Select the next open block for your team.  Please take the time to enter all the information for each rider.  

If you don’t have enough riders for a team, indicate on the open rider spots if you will find a person or if you are okay with us assigning one to your team.

Need assistance finding a team? Fill out this form!

PLEASE NOTE:  Jennifer Jacobson is our Team Coordinator.  If you indicate you are on facebook, we highly encourage you to join our facebook group so she can reach out to you there.  If you aren’t in the group, she can’t tag you in a post.  if she can’t reach you, she can’t help you find a team.  

If you are interested in being on a team but need help finding one, please fill out this survey.
  • AERC membership is required. Once the grace period expires on 2/15, no points can be accrued until AERC membership is current.
  • Green Bean Endurance membership is required. Once the grace period expires on 2/15, no points can be accrued until GBE membership is current.
  • If you don't remember your id, you can search AERC by your name here: https://aerc.org/rpts/MbrHorseLookup.aspx
  • Please type your profile name as shown in Facebook. Ideally, copy/paste the link to your profile here.
  • If you reside in Canada, select "Canada".
  • Not sure? Here's a map: https://aerc.org/static/upload/RegionMap.gif
  • How many total completion miles do you have for AERC Endurance + Limited Distance as of December 1, 2018? Do not include intros, pulls, or miles earned from other organizations.
  • GBE does not pull data from AERC. We need each rider to submit their rides and bonus points using the form on the website. It'll be a form similar to this one.
  • A Team Leader helps check ride results are submitted by teammates and send reminders for missing submissions. Admins may reach out to a team leader as a point of contact.
  • Select all that apply
    Check all that apply.

The team coordinators will be in contact with you asap.  Scoreboards for the new season are generally posted in February, after teams are set.