2020 Team Registration

It’s that time of year when teams are formed!

The team competition consists of up to 5 riders who collectively accrue points towards a year end award.  Team members do not need to live near each other or ride together.  Also, a rider can ride as many different horses as they wish – all points will count towards the team total.  

Teams are grouped by total team starting mileage for year end awards.  The cut-off varies based on the number of teams we have.

Membership to AERC and Green Beans is REQUIRED for every team member.  


1) Gather your team mates; we recommend waiting to register a team until you’ve found all of your riders, or as many as you’re able to find.  We can help fill remaining spots if you’d like assistance.

2) Look up the AERC ID for each member.  

3)  Ensure each team member has joined Green Beans for the 2020 season before beginning!  Click here to get a list of members.  Note:  there is generally a 48 hour delay between a user registering for Green Beans through AERC and our program database getting updated.

4) Select one person to complete the team registration form below.  Enter each member ID and once all members are added, submit the team form.

5)  Any changes, additions, or deletions will need to be done via a separate form (yet to be published, stay tuned).


The deadline to form a team is March 15th.

If you are interested in being on a team after this date, we may still have a spot for you.  Please email us at registration@greenbeanendurance.org or contact Jenn Jacobson.

To register a team, you must first log on to this website.