Team Registration has closed for 2020. Open spots can still be filled - contact us!

Being on a Green Bean Team is way to meet other new riders like yourself!  Gather up 4 of your friends, or throw your name in the mix to be assigned to a team!  Either way, we’re here to help you.  If you haven’t created a login here on our site, please do so now.  Once logged in, you’ll be able to fill out one of these forms to have us help you find a team, or to get your team registered!

This year, we are asking a team leader to register a team! If you don’t have all of your members today, don’t worry!  You’ll be able to add members anytime.  Also – please forgive us if there’s issues with these forms – it’s a work in progress!

The deadline to form a team is March 15th, 2020.  EXTENDED TO APRIL 1.

Update 4/22/2020:  There are several spots open on existing teams.  if you would like to join a team, send us an email.


  1. All team members must be members of AERC and Green Beans as of April 1.
  2. Any team member who has not officially joined both programs will be dropped from the team on April 2.
  3. Team captains will have one week, or through April 7th, to find substitutes, if they choose.
  4. At that time, teams sign ups will close and each team will be re-categorized into its division based on qualified members.

Before registering a team, you’ll want to make sure your team name is available. We ask that you refrain from using names that incorporate profanity, racist, or otherwise negative connotations.

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 Team Name Team Lead Accepting Riders? Open Spots Team Division
Are We There YetJennifer MorrisNoFULLPicked (500 to 1499 miles)
Arizona Young BucksHailey ZehringNoFULLNot Yet Determined
Buckwild Riders 2.0Susan MarriottNoFULLCooked (1500 or more miles)
Catch Us if You CanShawn McCarthyNoFULLCooked (1500 or more miles)
Chaos CoordinatorsAngel SmrekarNoFULLOTV (less than 500 miles)
Distance ChicksStacey StearnsNoFULLCooked (1500 or more miles)
Distance DivasKristyanna EricksonNoFULLPicked (500 to 1499 miles)
Downright GritMikayla NunnNoFULLPicked (500 to 1499 miles)
Fantasia QuintetBeth MeenaghanNoFULLPicked (500 to 1499 miles)
Far Flung FinishersTrina ChurchNoFULLCooked (1500 or more miles)
Fetlocked and LoadedLauren CoziahNoFULLPicked (500 to 1499 miles)
Field of Dreams TeamKristine JubeckNoFULLOTV (less than 500 miles)
Frayed Knotsstephanie knaebelNo2Not Yet Determined
Gold Dust RisingSusan TraversNoFULLOTV (less than 500 miles)
Great Lakes Rebel RidersMelinda NagyNoFULLCooked (>1500 miles)
Hoof HeartedHeather ManzoNoFULLPicked (500 to 1499 miles)
Hot 2 TrotDanielle MorganNoFULLOTV (less than 500 miles)
Lost in PaceJoy KinionNoFULLCooked (1500 or more miles)
Mane AttractionChrissy GeiselNoFULLOTV (less than 500 miles)
Mare-A-ThonsBecky JonesNoFULLPicked (500 to 1499 miles)
May The Horse Be With YouLillian BeckerNoFULLPicked (500 to 1499 miles)
Miles To GoNicole JamesNoFULLPicked (500 to 1499 miles)
Minnesota Horse HoardersJennifer Frerichs-RamonNoFULLCooked (1500 or more miles)
Motley CrewAlicia KottreNo2Not Yet Determined
Mountain Mamma'sMarie UmbargerNoFULLCooked (1500 or more miles)
Mud, Sweat, and TrailsJessica IsbrechtYes – please contact me with potential riders.2Not Yet Determined
No Child Left BehindRob SawyerNoFULLPicked (500 to 1499 miles)
No LimitsTracy RhynerNoFULLPicked (500 to 1499 miles)
Not Fast But FuriousJacqueline PerezNoFULLOTV (less than 500 miles)
Out On BaleKimberly PhillipsNoFULLNot Yet Determined
Painted Bar Stables Boss MaresErika EckstromNo1Not Yet Determined
Rebel Riders 2020Katie VoglNoFULLPicked (500 to 1499 miles)
Red Hot Filly PeppersDebra MoeNoFULLCooked (1500 or more miles)
Shades of NeighMary Kay BattagliaNoFULLOTV (less than 500 miles)
Should Have Turned LeftKimberlee FlintYes – please contact me with potential riders.FULLPicked (500 to 1499 miles)
Stirred-up ScientistsMay-Linn PaulsenYes – please contact me with potential riders.3Not Yet Determined
Terrebonne GreeniesAnn LewisYes – please add members as you see fit.2Not Yet Determined
The Fellowship of the ReinBarbara HublerNoFULLPicked (500 to 1499 miles)
The Lost GirlsErin McCardellYes – please add members as you see fit.2Not Yet Determined
The MisfitsBecca JohnsonNoFULLPicked (500 to 1499 miles)
Time N' PaceBeverly CourtNoFULLOTV (less than 500 miles)
Trail Busting Damesjackie UrbanskiNoFULLPicked (500 to 1499 miles)
Unbridled ChaosMegan SweeneyNoFULLPicked (500 to 1499 miles)
Whisky Tango FoxtrotSusan WebbNoFULLOTV (less than 500 miles)
Win Or BoozeKaylee SwopeNo2Not Yet Determined
Women on the EdgeWendy EavesYes – please contact me with potential riders.2Not Yet Determined
WTF (With True Friends)Kristi McentyreNo1Not Yet Determined
Your Pace or Mine?Kayti CurtisNo1Not Yet Determined
 Team Name Team Lead Accepting Riders? Open Spots Team Division

2020 Team List

Team NameAERC IDRider NameStarting MilesAge DivisionRegionState/CanadaTeam LeadDate Added
Team NameAERC IDRider NameStarting MilesAge DivisionRegionState/CanadaTeam LeadDate Added
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