What is the Green Bean Endurance program?

Starting in 2015, Green Been Endurance was created as a membership program for riders navigating through the first few seasons of distance riding. Recognizing it’s not always easy being “green” and that sometimes just making a connection to another rider can make a huge difference in being successful, we began offering incentives through informal team and individual challenges that recognize many levels of achievement.  We also support each other through when things don’t go as planned.

Who can participate? AERC members with fewer than 1,000 combined limited distance and endurance miles are eligible to participate in the incentive programs. Any AERC member, regardless of miles, is welcome join as supporters.

What does GBE offer? We offer awards and prize drawings to our members, educational support, and social networking. We believe there is more than just “one way” to learn about and enjoy endurance riding and that the priority is that you ride safe and have fun while you do it. GBE is a completely volunteer-run organization and the $15 annual program fee helps cover the funding of year-end prizes, postage, supplies and website fees.

What is the individual program?  All members are automatically included as an Individual participant upon registration.  Each horse and rider is a unit eligible for the year end high point horse/rider unit based on the rider’s experience level.  All individual members can also join a team.

What is the teams program?  Want to take your green been experience to the next level?  Join a team!  Teams are very popular!  There are no requirements to actually ride *together* in person but some of our teams do.  It also doesn’t matter which distance each teammate rides – all points earned count towards the team total.  Points are awarded to the entire team collectively, where each rider can accumulate points based on all horses ridden.   Joining a team is optional.

Do I select between being an individual rider or a team rider? No.  All members are ‘individual riders’ and all members can join the optional team competition.  The major difference is a member can join the individual competition at any time during the season, however, teams must be formed and registered by February 15th.

How do I get on a team? At the beginning of the season, through February 15th, team registration will occur.  Forms will be posted on the website, on Facebook, and sent via email to register your team.  We work hard to help you find a team, too, if that’s needed.  There’s no additional cost to be on a team.  This is included with your original $15 membership fee.

What are the experience levels?  We group riders into the following experience levels based on the rider’s season starting miles.  On-The-Vine: 0-99 Miles; Picked: 100-499 Miles; Cooked: 500-999 Miles.

What are the rules?   Click here for a complete list of rules

  • Points can only be granted for rides and events that are AERC sanctioned/approved.
  • GBE Season is from Dec 1 to Nov 30
  • Rides and bonus points are collectively called “activities” and require the rider to submit these activities within 30 days of the event using the activity submission form found on the website.
  • Individuals may ride as many horses as they wish.  Rider awards will be granted based on each horse/rider unit according to their experience level.
  • Teams consist of up to 5 riders and can include both junior and senior riders, provided all have fewer than 1,000 AERC miles. All points earned by a rider are included in the team total, regardless of how many different horses ridden.
  • A rider may belong to only one team. The Team can substitute one rider through May 1 if no ride points have been accumulated for anyone in the team.
  • Teams consist of riders from all regions and you ride together “virtually”, not “physically”.

What is the point system? 

*IMPORTANT* All activities (Ride & Bonus) need to be submitted using the Activity Submission form to be counted.

Ride Points.

  • Non-completion due to a vet pull or over time: 1 point
  • Non-completion due to a rider option: 5 points
  • LD completion: miles x 1
  • Endurance 50-74 miles: miles x 1.25
  • Endurance 75 – 100 miles: miles x 1.5
  • Endurance 100 miles: miles x 1.75


Bonus Points.

  • Utilizing a mentor: 15 points
  • Volunteering a full day at an AERC event- 10 point/day; 50 points maximum.
  • Education – attending an AERC Endurance 101/102 clinic and/or completing the Endurance Essentials online course. 15 pts/each, 30 points maximum.

Where do I see my score?

Updates and standings will be posted on the www.greenbeanendurance.org website as well as the Green Bean Endurance Competition Facebook group. Scores are typically updated weekly but your patience is appreciated if the ride secretary needs extra time.

What other benefits are there?  We often receive sponsorships from retailers either as discount codes to use on their products or products to award as prize drawings.  These vary from year to year so watch the website for updates.  And it seems that the directors are always cooking up something new and fun each season, such as Endomondo challenges, Grow your Green Bean Garden challenges, or who knows what else!

Who do I ask if I have questions?  Please contact us at anytime.