New Website Launched!

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate finishing our first year of being an AERC recognized program than to launch a new website.  My hope is this one will be easier to navigate on both pc and mobile devices.

Much like learning the sport of endurance riding, building a new website without any experience can be a challenging and frustrating experience at times.  Armed with a handful of playlists from youtube and a desire to learn as much as I can, I sought out to create a new website from scratch using  Information overload while searching the internet doesn’t discriminate based on the subject matter.  Whether it is endurance riding or building a website, there’s a lot of really great – and really bad – advice out there.  The key is to just start somewhere and not be afraid to make mistakes.  I’m sure this first launch will be loaded with them.

Thank you for being patient with me during this transition!




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  1. I cannot find the links for anything anymore😩 please help

    1. What in particular are you having issues with Breanne? Please email us specifics, many of the direct links are also contained in the Newsletter.

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