20 Mule Team

Congratulations to our members who completed rides at 20 Mule Team! 

Three members completed their first 100 mile endurance ride! Denise said it was “windy, painful, miserable, exhilarating, and rewarding”. 

  •  Rachel Manley on Mystical Dancer (Peanut) 
  • Kristin Ojala on Shoubrah Lanni 
  • Denise Fissel on MCA Dark Star (Gabe). 

 Jenni Gomez on Sushi (Sioux) finished a 50 – a first for her horse.

 Jeanlaurie Ainsworth on Deste Tocata finished her first 50. She said it was her first 50 in 45 years, with the American River Ride completion from back in 1973. What a comeback, Jeanlaurie!

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