Succeeding with a Non-Arab

Join us again on Monday, Jan 7th at 8pm EST / 7pm CST for Keith Kibler’s talk on succeeding in our sport with non-Arabs, and most especially gaited horses.  Simply dial 302-202-1100 then 220060 to listen in.
He will bring a perspective of a life time of human endurance competition, and will discuss how to prepare any horse, including Arabians, for your first LD, 50 or 100. He will be discussing the use of gps watches, heart rate monitors and data collection.
Keith’s horses have competed in 98 AERC events at every distance and have approximately a 90% completion rate. 4 of his horses have received 9 B.C. awards at 30, 50 and 100 miles. He will be fielding questions during the webinar.

Topics include:

1. Can a gaited horse, or other non Arabian do endurance? Can they do it well?
2. How do I get my horse ready for a LD, 50 or 100?  How much should I train? How many miles does the preparation take?
3. Do I need a gps watch? Do I need a heart rate monitor?
4. Setting goals. To Finish is to Win?
5. Horse management during the event.
6. The moment of doubt. (You will have one, or two)
7. Something is Wrong!  (Something will be)
8. The Joy of Endurance!

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    I missed this webinar. Was it recorded and where could I access a recording?

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      We will post notes here on the blog, unfortunately recording has not worked for us

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        I just found this blog! I am also interested in the presentation here that I missed!

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    Where can you access the notes from this?

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