Feb Webinar Recap


Miss it Live? We had a huge response to the pre-registration offering and ran out of seats for the class!

Listen to the recording from tonight’s webinar where Patti discussed

  1. Managing the Older Endurance Horse *Pay attention to the little stuff before it becomes the BIG stuff*
    1. Arthritic changes in the older horses, what to look for and how to manage them. Prevention.
    2. Hoofcare is key! Facebook Group: ABCHoofcare. Long toes, underrun heels a problem in many horses.
    3. Cushings and other Metabolic issues – loss of topline and importance of saddle fit
    4. Changes in the ability to metabolize certain feed
    5. Difficulty maintaining weight – nutrients not used as efficiently, dental changes
    6. When to consider retirement

2. Handling conditioning and competition anxiety (mostly human!)

  1. Focus on the training your horse needs to be successful at a ride and the conditioning will happen
  2. Stretching the Rubberband
  3. Playing leap-frog on group rides
  4. Ride start anxiety tips – Race Brain!
  5. Use Positive Mental Imagery
    Thoughtful training and wet saddle blankets solve most problems…But, sometimes there is just a mismatch of horse/rider.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

3. Electrolyte fundamentals lot more info in the essentials course

    1. Basic elytes which are lost in sweat: Sodium, Chloride, Magnesium, Potassium & Calcium
    2. Salt is salt…and an acquired taste
    3. Travel is tough & dehydrates the horse – start your elyting a few days before travel
    4. Humans and horses all have preferences – find “Whatever Works”
    5. Trouble with dosing? Goat drenching/dosing syringes; Use buffers, rinse out the mouth. Let them graze!

So, here’s the link to the Adobe Connect recording:

Don’t forget, GBE Members get a discount on the Endurance Essentials course that Patti and her husband put together! I highly recommended taking it if you haven’t already 🙂

Thanks again to Patti for putting this together!


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  1. Patricia Robinson

    Are there any points for riding a 3 day CTR?

    1. Griffin Keller

      Hi Patricia – Our program is based on AERC membership & rides. CTRs that are not AERC sanctioned do not count for points at this time.

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