Green Bean Seedling: 2016 Seedling Success Points!

At Green Bean Endurance we believe that our kids are extra special. We had six young riders join up in 2016 ages 6-10. In the pod riders have not completed above intro level. Out of the pod riders have moved up to LD and / or Endurance riding. We awarded the seedling group success points for the following activities: Volunteerism at an AERC ride, crewing for an endurance rider, equestrian riding lessons, Intro Rides, LD’s, and Endurance. The point behind seedling is to instill an appreciation for all aspects of being an endurance participant. Leonardo Fuentes not only rode in sanctioned rides, he volunteered, and he crewed, sometimes both in the same day. Congrats Leonardo on 1498 success points out of the pod. Alexandra Coffey was also out of the pod, she rode LD and Endurance earning 1412.5 seedling success points. Madeleine Rogers is in the pod. She grew as a rider taking lessons and also volunteered at an AERC ride earning 775 seedling success points. Ethen Garn was out of the pod riding LD and volunteered at an AERC ride earning 587.5 seedling success points. Mikayla Mann was in the pod. She took lessons, and crewed for her mom who rides endurance earning 375 seedling success points. Rowyn Bicking was in the pod and took lessons and completed her very first intro ride earning 165 seedling success points. Congratulations and thank you for learning, crewing, volunteerism, and riding with our group. A big thank you to Maranda Bibb for managing the Seedling Division. 

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