2016 Sponsors THANK YOU!!!

Thank you to the incredible sponsors of 2016 Green Bean Endurance Competition: Two Horse Tack has just given, and given, and given to this group. Natasha Raina and Two Horse Tack crew Thank you so much. The Riding Warehouse has helped us purchase needed gear with that whopping 15% off discount. The Distance Depot lovingly gave back to our greenest greenies, thank you! Beta Tack gave to our monthly prize drawing, as did The Bag Hag, No Quarter Tack, Taylored Tack, Dabrim, Crazy Legs (love my flaming green) Tights, Ear Me Now offered us some buy two get one for the competition which went into Rendezvous meet up prizes, Nox Gear, US Rider, and Cold Rush all offered us good stuff. I’m afraid I’ll miss someone! The stirrup lady!!! Thank you A few riders from our group stepped up to donate and make the gardening experience fun. To all of our sponsors, the donations really helped out our riders, and gave us something to look forward to as we grabbed our hoes and turned up prizes 36 of them! AND the prizes given out at various rides where we gathered to say we are glad you are here! Please remember these sponsors in the future when making your next purchase, the best way to say THANK YOU.

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