AERC elections coming up for Director at Large

The future of our sport hinges upon the people making decisions “for us” in the sport of AERC endurance.   If you are a member of our competition or group at large we strongly urge you to explore the potential candidates, what they actually support, or not, and to make use of your ballot and voting right when you get it in the mail.   We are a strong voting block within this organization and hope that you will use that vote for the well-being of the sport as you see it.

From the Green Bean thought perspective here are some of the battle grounds in endurance riding and it is good to know where the future director at large stand on these issues in relation to what you want your sport to be or to become moving into the future.

What defines endurance?  Is endurance 50 miles or more and LD’s training rides?  Or should LD be considered its own division of endurance.  Should awards for longer distances exceed awards for shorter distances?   Should rules for LD be the same across all regions as to awarding placements similar or equal to placement of rides of longer mileage.  Should the term “Limited” be dropped in favor of something else?  Does the language even matter?

What about mileage?  Should miles be miles be miles, or should they continue to be separated and counted by the distance you completed?  Does the tally of mileage matter?

What about AERC’s relationship with International riding?  Do you feel the negative press concerning the death and injury of endurance horses at the FEI level has an impact on how the sport is viewed here and abroad?  Should we maintain those ties?  Should we push to be the amateur sport that we are proclaimed to be?  Do we need to stay out of it?  Does it matter?

Growth in our census?   Who’s leadership will bring growth to our sport.  Especially growth among young people?  Who will have the strength of character to possibly buck the status quo for change?  Who will not give it lip service but buckle down and think outside of the box and grow the sport?
How about Team riding?  Wouldn’t it be a fabulous thing to see team riding mainstream?  Do we have a potential candidate that might frame that idea into reality?  Does it matter?

Where do your membership dollars go?   What percentage of revenue comes back to the membership?    Who might best address corporate sponsorship that would come back to the membership?  Does it matter?

Maybe you like endurance just exactly as it is?  Then look to support someone with the same views.
Does it matter?

It does matter.

The point is…what do you want endurance to be?   Pick the brains of the candidates , find those who resonate your values and vision, and then fill out the ballot and return it.  Don’t miss your chance to build a stronger and better future for your sport.  It is also your opportunity to give voice to the Green Bean movement at large.  We have leverage as a group with our votes.  Who our leadership is…that is truly up to you.  Let’s all make it count ☺

 These are the people running and their respective region for the eight available seats open for vote:

Aubree Becker, SE
Carla Richardson, MT
Christoph Schork, MT
Dana Reeder DVM NE
Dodie Sable, NE
Eileen Reilich, NW
Gabriele Daigneault , PS
Heather Reynolds, SE
Jaya Mae Gregory, W
Kerry Redente, MT
Michael Maul, CT
Mollie Krumlaw-Smith, NE
Natalie Muzzio, NE
Nicole Chappell, W
Olin Balch DVM, NW
Paul Sidio, CT
Robert Marshall DVM, NE
Susan Garlinghouse DVM, W
Tennessee Lane, MT
 Terry Woolley Howe, PS
Timothy Worden, SE
Tonya Stroud-Oaks, MT
Vance Stine, SE

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