Sponsorship & Sponsors

Green Bean Endurance continues to grow…and grow.   Our membership numbers have swollen to nearly 500!  That my friends is a peck of beans ☺   Our group has been so blessed with outstanding sponsorship that gives gear to our aspiring riders.  One can’t say thank you enough, but the best way to thank these wonderful sponsors is to support them with your business when you have a yearning for needful things or to get your GREEN on.

 Our Business Sponsors

Two Horse Tack
The Riding Warehouse
The Distance Depot
The Bag Hag
Crazy Legs Tights
No Quarter Tack
Taylored Tack
Ear Me Now 
Beta Tack
Crestridge Saddlery
Specialized Saddles
The Stirrup Lady
Renegade Hoof Boots (sponsored a group of our TEVIS bound junior riders) 

As well as a few private individual sponsors who have supported the monthly drawings.

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