2020 Bonus Points! Check them out!

Woohoo!! Did you know you can earn points towards year end awards and monthly drawings for non-riding activities! You sure can! I hope you’ll join us for 2020! Anyone with less than 1,000 AERC miles is eligible.

We added some new ways to earn points for 2020: 
✅Crewing for a 100 mile AERC ride (15pts)
✅Riding any horse in a Back to Back AERC ride (5pts)
✅Submitting a ride report (1pt)

To join or learn more visit Green Bean Endurance Challenge at https://greenbeanendurance.org/about/signup

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    1. Deb Moe

      Great question, Carmen! The website will get the links on a separate page as soon as we can. In the meantime, here’s a few to get you started. The SERA group has several webinars under their 100 Mile Mentor program. Here’s that website. https://www.seraonline.org/.

      1. Carmen Dahlhoff

        Good morning Deb–quick question, until the form goes live, should I just keep writing down the names of webinars and dates that I do them and then enter them whenever feed goes live? Thanks for everything! Trying to learn as much as possible 🙂

  1. Katie Vogl

    Can you tell me more about ride reports?

    1. Deb Moe

      In prior seasons, each rider had to send in their completions on the form to be counted. This year, we eliminated the need to do that because we’ll pull data from AERC for your LD and Endurance rides, including calculating back-to-backs. What we miss, by not having you send us this data, is if you experienced a “first” or if you turtled, or the ride comments on how it went. Because we care about receiving that information, and we want to read your short ride summary, we are granting a bonus point if you send in your rides. You’ll still get your ride points from AERC but this is a way to earn another point for each ride. Once the form goes live, it should make sense. (I hope!!!)

  2. verbosedamsel

    Our community has an upcoming equine academic conference, the Schuyler Equine Conference (http://paintedbarstables.com/SchuylerEquineConference.html) with a full day of 12 speakers, 8 round tables and lots of networking. Speakers include Cornell University veterinarians, journeymen farriers, equine professionals, pasture maintenance experts and beyond. Is there a way to get this conference added as an event?

    I know for a fact that there will be a dozen or more green bean novice riders attending!

    1. Deb Moe

      We don’t list events on our website but you can certainly share the event in our Facebook group. While we encourage personal development in all forms to help us become better riders, this event would not qualify to receive Green Bean bonus points, unfortunately. You can find our rules located here.

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