2020 Teams Registration is OPEN!

Teams registration is now open. Only a team leader should create the team and submit the team members (don’t forget to include yourself on the team!)

Link: https://greenbeanendurance.org/2020teams

There may be kinks with the new system so your patience is appreciated. Please reach out to Deb Moe if you have issues with the form.

You must LOGIN to our website to create a team. Once logged in, the form will be active.

Please search existing teams before adding yours to ensure it’s not a duplicate. If you don’t have a team name, just enter your “Team [your name]”

If your members have signed up for Green Beans already, it truly makes the process a breeze because all of their information will auto-populate as you enter them. Easy peasy! Otherwise, you will need to get this information from AERC using either the MemberLookup or the RiderRecord links.

1) AERC ID (or “pending”)
2) Rider First and Last Name
3) Total AERC miles as of Dec 1, 2019
4) State (or Canada)
5) AERC region

Once you’re done submitting the form – which takes an obnoxiously long amount of time – be sure to look at the My Registered Team link. From there, you can edit/delete/add your information.

If you are in need of a team, please complete the team interest survey. Our teams coordinator will be in touch soon.

Thanks for being a Green Bean member!! Go Teams!

Deb & Griffin

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