Team Deadline Extended to April 1

Last call! Get your teams formed. Deadline is April 1.

Need a little more time to create a team? You got it!

With all the distractions in the world recently, and in an effort to reach the more than 1,500 AERC members who have less than 1,000 miles of competition, the Green Bean Endurance Challenge is extending the deadline to form a team to April 1, 2020.
We will be working hard to fill existing teams and form new ones as requested.

To check out everything teams, please visit the Teams 2020 tab.

There are a few requirements.

  1. All team members must members of AERC and Green Beans as of April 1.
  2. Any team member who has not officially joined both programs will be dropped from the team on April 2.
  3. Team captains will have one week, or through April 7th, to find substitutes, if they choose.
  4. At that time, teams sign ups will close and each team will be re-categorized into its division based on qualified members.

    We encourage team leaders to check on their team member’s registration status with AERC and Green Beans to be prepared for potential changes in team make up.

Thank you!

Griffin & Deb

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  1. Christina McCarty

    Hi all – any update? Did teams close? How many are there? I know it will be a weird season but still FUN! Need date for scoreboards opening as my team is excited. Any updates would be appreciated.

    1. Deb Moe

      Scoreboards are up now! Check them out! New Team formations are closed; we’ll still accept those looking for a team to fill open spots.

  2. Melody Linville

    Good morning.
    I’m new to Green Beans, live in Florida and looking to join a team. Can someone walk me through on how I join a team?
    Thank you

    1. Griffin Keller

      Hi Melody – welcome! Fill out an “I need a team” form on the team signup page and our teams coordinator can help you out!

  3. Kelli Johnson

    does this go for 2021?

    1. Griffin Keller

      Yes, our 2021 deadline for teams is also April 1.

  4. Lorna Phillips

    Hi green beans.

    On the vine here, just hanging and looking to join a team. Located in NJ.

    1. Griffin Keller

      Lorna please check in on the Facebook group! Jennifer is organizing teams and helping fill and find spots.

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