Virtual Ride Season?

Hope everyone is doing well! I know we are all struggling with the loss of our spring ride season to “Social Distancing” rules and regulations. There is good news though – there are several virtual distance ride opportunities out there! While they won’t count as “ride miles”, they do count towards the Endomondo Challenge! Plus, some have prizes to be awarded by the organizing body.

One such opportunity is a ride for Saturday 4/18/20 – It is a fundraiser ride for White Sands Habitat for Humanity, open to all! If you want to participate, be sure to enter before Saturday!

Remember to keep an eye on the announcements via email and on various Facebook pages to find more opportunities to add miles to your Endomondo and earn bonus points – like the SERA Social Distancing Ride Season and the webinars being hosted by AERC this spring!

Last but not least …. The Scoreboards are live! <thanks Deb!>

  1. Certain points will not appear, even if you sent in a ride report, until it’s included in the monthly AERC ride results. Depending on the timing, it could mean a significant delay. We get the AERC update on the 5th of the month. This includes:
    1. Mileage earned from completed events
    2. Multiplier earned from endurance
    3. Points earned from non-completions (pulls)
    4. Back to back bonus points.

2) Haven’t added an ‘updated on xxxx’ field to the scoreboards, it’ll get added soon.

3) Bonus points for non-riding data (re-read #1) should be reflected in the scoreboards weekly but sometimes there just isn’t time.

4) Non riding points are included on each rider and horse pair.

5) If you see an issue – especially a math error or something odd with results (not a “hey I just sent my ride in but don’t see it yet”), please use the Log an Issue form to let us know. We will not be able to address things via messenger.

Link to Scoreboards:

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