Welcome to Green Beans 2021!

Today marks the first day of the new season for AERC and Green Beans! While 2020 will go down in history as one the most challenging and unusual of all seasons, if you’re like me, you’re ready to put it all in the past. I’ve started daydreaming (I don’t call it planning because if I plan, I seem to jinx myself) about the rides I’ll attend next year, filling out an imaginary calendar with tentative farrier and vet schedules, and training goals.

On the Green Bean side of things, Griffin and I have been chatting often, coming up with new ways to involve more of you. We’re pretty excited about some of the changes to the bonus points. Have you taken a look? If not, please take a few minutes and read the “Rules” page. We have a couple more that are in the works and hope to finalize them in coming weeks.

For those of you wondering about 2020 scoreboards we will be posting them once we have received all of the AERC ride results. This, unfortunately, is out of our hands as we wait for them. I hope we can have everything finalized by January. One we finalize everything, we’ll be reaching out to winners to get award information and will be busy sending out the completion awards to those who earned them. Remember, you have to earn at least 10 points get a completion award!

We are forever giving folks 2nd, 3rd, and 100th chances to get points submitted, so we’ve extended the deadline to send in Bonus points earned in 2020 (that is, as of Nov 30) until this Saturday, December 5th. After that, the form will go POOF.

For those of you itching to get teams set up for 2021, the forms to do so are all live on the site under the “Teams 2021” menu. This year, we are strictly enforcing that riders cannot be assigned to a team until they’ve joined Green Beans. It’s simply too hard to have so many teams filled with “tentative’ members who don’t follow through with joining the program. That spot could’ve been given to an actual member. Feel free to do your own recruiting on social media for your team! We would love to see you do that.

Thanks again for your trust in me and Griffin to run this program and make these first few years of endurance just a little less intimidating and a lot more rewarding. That’s our hope for all of you.

~ Deb and Griffin

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