About Pull Reporting in 2016 Season

We would very much like for you to report pulls and rider options next year.   The information will not be shared with the group, but we would like to collect the data so we know %-wise how we are doing as a group with our completion to pull ratio, and the statistics of did not completes.  There will of course be no penalty, but there will be BONUS points for turning those in.   Helping us gather data will help us all become better at the endurance thing, and give outsiders assurance on our willingness to grow as a group.    DATA sharing will earn a rider in either competition 5 points.   There will be a place on the ride submission form for this information.

We won’t post this badge unless you have a great sense of humor and  specifically “ask” for it.  But you get the idea.  You put a lot of time, training, and effort into getting to a ride, and it just kind of sucks to get nothing out of it.  So in the spirit of that, and honestly reporting data we need, it seems a good  and fair trade off.

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