We aren’t in Kansas anymore Toto… INDIVIDUAL 2016 Competition

Topic:  Bonus Points / Individual Competition

There are going to many ways to earn them when you cannot ride and use them to  pad your point total through the ride year.   However—-for bonus points to stay you must ride at least 1 ride through the season.

Non-riding ways to earn  Volunteer Bonus Points:

  • Marking Trail- 15 points
  • Working the pulse gate-15 points
  • Scribing for the vet-15 points
  • In/Out Timer-15 points

To get the points you will need to go to FORMS  at the top of the page, Click on that, copy the form, and print out several to take with you to rides.  You can ride one day, and volunteer the next and get bonus points for volunteerism.  It does require a form signed by the ride manager with an email address from your ride flyer, and a witness signature.  The forms can be snail mailed, or sent as an easy to read photograph to admin@greenbeanendurance.org

There will be ways to earn bonus points on your horse as well:

First LD on the scoreboard ( offered once quarterly)
First 50 on the scoreboard (offered once quarterly)
First 75 on the scoreboard (offered once quarterly)
First 100 on the scoreboard  (offered once quarterly)

It will be the rider’s responsibility to note this on the form when they turn in points.  It will be based on who turns it in first.     Dec.-Feb.  Mar-May June-August  Sept-Nov.  A rider can only get a first at a particular distance ONCE over the entire ride season.  Example: If you turn in a first LD on the scoreboard you can not ask for it again.  You can shoot for a first at the other distances.   Riders will want to watch the scoreboard and give a heads up to the ride secretary that they have turned in what they think is a first.  We will check the spreadsheet to verify.

Bonus points only have an effect on the High Point part of the competition.  They have no bearing on the High Mileage part of the competition.   This way each rider can focus on their personal goal (high point or high mileage).  So there will be three potential winners in the INDIVIDUAL competition.   One for high point rider (includes bonus points), one for high mileage rider (does not include bonus points), and one for high point volunteer (who must have ridden at least one ride during the season).  To earn those bonus points will require some strategy, and some sweat equity.   A rider could potentially go to a 25 mile LD, ride one day 25 points, volunteer the next and add 15 more points, be the first LD on the board for the quarter ba-bean! an additional 25 points.   Unfortunately we cannot use the honor system on bonus volunteer points, you will need to get your form signed and sent to us for those to get added to your score.

Why is this a good thing?    Once you get one ride done, you qualify.  So say next time out for some reason your horse gets sidelined for the season?  Well…your horse may be out, but you aren’t.   You can chunk down points by volunteering and shift your focus to volunteer of the year.  So as long as YOU are still standing, you are still able to be in the mix and compete.   It’s gonna be fun!

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