Finally! The website is coming together and other news.

 Get friendly with our home page… check out the tabs at the top where you will find helpful things.

  • Rules for 2016 Individual are posted.   (Deb Moe has promised TEAMS rules soon)
  • Form for Bonus points for the 2016 competition has been posted.
  • It is going to get “interesting” in 2016

  •  We promise a few twists and turns!
  • A link is posted to nominate your choice for Mentor of the Year 2015.
  • We have a “join” link.  If you are not a member it is free, and we use the info to add you to our membership list, and have a way to contact you if you win something in a sponsored drawing. We will not sell your information!!!
  •  We have join links for both INDIVIDUAL 2016 and TEAMS 2016.
  • We have a new link for the BADGES program.   Badges will no longer feature an individual personal web page, but if you turn in a notable event —-we will post a badge in your honor on the home page of our website.    This way we will know you have done something awesome!

  • Lots of links available on the website that are educational in nature.  Using veterinary articles when possible, or known experienced endurance sources.  You can read about gastric ulcers, feeding issues, winter care, all kinds of useful rainy day reading as we take you here and there on the web.

Other news:

TEAMS  35 riders signed up so far for 2016

The Noble Al Khamsa
Jolly Greens
Wind Riders
Appy Inc.
Battlefield Babes
Blazin’ Belles
Mustang Endurance Riders

If TEAMS census is low this year we may put all the TEAMs into a single division to battle it out.   We will still require that no TEAM have more than 999 recorded miles for each team rider.   If our census goes up, we will have divisions as we did in 2015.   Deb Moe  will be giving me an update on TEAMS rules…and how she will award finalists.  So stay tuned!

INDIVIDUAL Competition:  We have a census currently of 18 riders who will battle it out solo.

In this category we will award:

  • HIGH MILEAGE rider (bonus points will not apply)
  •  HIGH POINT RIDER (bonus points will apply)
  •  VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR (the person that drags in the most bonus points for volunteerism signed off on by ride managers on the bonus point form).  

If rider census supports it we hope to offer Mentor of the Year for 2016 as well.  We’ll see!

Rider entry fees:  No rider fees will be collected until we have closed out 2015 and sent out the awards.  At that time I will send everyone who signed up a paypal invoice.   No checks, no money orders!        When payment is made we will add you onto the scoreboard and you may post rides retroactively to the start of the season December 1, 2015.  Oh…one other thing.  You must have signed up as a rider prior to ANY RIDES you turn in.  So if you plan a December ride, make sure you go do the sign up before that ride!   Clear as mud, right?  ☺   It boils down to this.

  1.  Go ahead and sign up if you plan on riding.
  2. Go ahead and ride …if you are so inclined.
  3. Wait for your invoice.
  4. Pay your invoice for $10 by PAYPAL
  5. Then start submitting your rides as far back as December 1, 2015 and we will enter your scores back to that day.
  6. Do those things in that order and you have it whipped!

If you need more information message on facebook Jacke Reynolds or Deb Moe.
or email

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