Can my horse do endurance?

Well….maybe!  You won’t know unless you educate, prepare, and try it out.  So what’s holding you back?

    Reason # 1: My ride isn’t an Arabian…

The learning curve and ability to or not to goes up with the distance chosen.  Most people choose the LD distance (25-30 miles usually) to learn the ropes.  LD is within the possibility of most horse’s ability to achieve with thoughtful conditioning and pace regardless of “breed.”   What is more reasonable to look at in your horse is type.  Lean and racy looking or heavily muscled?  What is your horse’s temperament?   Can your horse lead, or follow?   Is your horse eager to get down the trail? Confident?  Does your horse take care of itself? 

There are many people riding non-arabian horses in LD and Endurance.   Some are competitive, and some ride for mileage pinnacles at the pace that works best for their horse.   So the fact that you may not ride an Arabian isn’t a deal breaker.  Being ridden in this sport are gaited breeds, Paints, Appaloosas, Mustangs, Quarter Horses (yes, ridden sensibly they can do quite well), even mules,   So ride the horse you enjoy riding and set your goals to that horse’s ability and see how things go!

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  • Reason # 2:   Don’t want to race those crazy distances.

Great news!  Who says you have to race?   Endurance riding is about racing only by  a few of the participants.  The greatest majority have personal goals, like completing (that whole finish is to win thing), and longevity in the sport, as well as accumulated mileage pinnacles and fun TEAM stuff here at Green Bean.  There are many ways to play this game, have fun with your horse, and even follow other disciplines when you aren’t doing endurance.  Don’t limit yourself based on other people’s ideas of what endurance is.  Endurance is personal, your goal, your horse.

  • Reason # 3:  Don’t want to buy new gear.

Well– guess what!  If your gear fits your horse now it will likely be just fine to get you started. No need to rush out and buy everything new.  Most riders only ride a few competitions each year.  Give it a try with what you have.  

So get a fire in you belly and come ride endurance with the group that cares!  Join us in 2016 for some friendly competition at Green Bean

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