Conditioning the Distance Horse

SERA’s plan right here.

Perseverance Endurance has a plan here.

Old Dominion spells it out on this page click here.

The slow and sensible advice from Hought here.

The Aussie way here.

There are many approaches to starting a horse in distance, but what is common to all is allowing the horse to build  up slowly over about a 12 week period to fitness.  Programs will differ, and the truth is that each horse is different and the result or response of one horse will not necessarily shadow another.  Conditioning plans are to provide a “framework”, a starting place.   Take it slow and easy…build yourself an athlete that will last.  Take note: your pasture potato make take more slow work to build to fitness as compared to an already physically fit horse from another discipline.  Don’t be discouraged, take your time (the view is great there)☺

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