Who is Green Bean Endurance

Green Bean Endurance¬© is the competitive platform within the over-all “Green Bean Movement”.  Green Bean as a call to action was created by Sharalyn Hay of the PNER group.   The concept being to bring new riders together, give them a safe forum to communicate, and to promote the growth of these riders through education.    Green Bean caused a growth explosion within the ranks of the American Endurance Ride Conference (the sanctioning body of endurance rides in North America). 

Green Bean Endurance¬© evolved out of that movement.  There was this group of highly motivated new riders out there…how about a competitive platform to give these new riders goals, challenges, get them working together at their own level, and TEAMS was born.

It is our hope that this volunteer group can continue to grow, offer venues of competition on a national platform and add new features to our program that encourage and support the sport of endurance riding within the AERC.  We are not AERC, but we “are” all AERC members, supporting the sport within AERC’s sanctioning body.   If you are relatively new to endurance riding (less than 1000 combined AERC miles) please do consider joining us and visit our competitive page here and our sister organization here.  

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