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Activity Date08/21/2021
For which type of activity is this entry?Ride Report
Rider DivisionCooked
Rider ProgramIndividual
Program DivisionNot Yet Determined
Ride NameFort Meade
How many miles was the ride?25
In which region did the ride take place?Mountain
Does your horse have an AERC Horse ID number?Yes
Horse AERC IDH56700
Horse NameUTCS Aur Mojito
Did you earn a completion?Yes
How'd you finish?To Finish is to Win!
Was this a "first" for you as a RIDER?
  • No
How did it go? Any tips to share? Things you learned? Any other comments?

Whew! That orange loop was FUN but tough for us flatlanders! Finished wiht minutes to spare. Mojito had some tight butt muscles but wasn't displaying signs of tying up. Still, i got a blood panel drawn and all was normal. Waiting in line for 20+ minutes to be vetted out was likely the culprit.

Bonus Points Earned1
Entry ID38455
Entry DateSeptember 2, 2021
Date UpdatedSeptember 2, 2021