When you join AERC and Green Bean Endurance, you can earn points towards year end awards.  Unique to our program, points are earned for more than just finishing that limited distance or endurance ride. Here’s just a few ways our members earn points>

  • Finish a 25-35 miles ride:  1 point per mile
  • Finish a 50-70 mile ride:  1.25 points per mile
  • Finish a 75 mile ride: 1.5 points per mile
  • Finish a 100 mile ride: 1.75 points per mile
  • Finish an Introductory ride:  1 point per mile
  • Ride the same horse back to back? 10 points extra/day
  • Volunteering at an AERC ride:  10 points full day/5 points half day
  • Volunteering as an AERC board or committee member: 25 points
  • Managing an AERC ride: 50 points
  • Working with a mentor: 15 points
  • Sponsoring a junior:  5 points
  • Attending an endurance clinic: 15 points
  • Completing the online Endurance Essentials course: 15 points
  • Participating in a Green Bean webinar: 5 points
  • Got pulled?  Earn a point!  Because just showing up is half the struggle!
  • Rider optioned?  Earn 5 points!  A rider knows when something is NQR! (Not Quite Right)


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