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Only Team Captains will see data on this page. 

This shows two displays.  The first is your Team and its members.  If you do not see a teammate in this view, check to see if you see that person in the Member Detail view.  If the person is there, DELETE that record.  Go back to the Team view and add the member again.

Remember to click UPDATE after adding the team member to submit the form changes for the TEAM.

Having trouble adding  member to your team?  Check to see if they are registered and added to our system by searching on the List of Registered Members.



If a member is shown below but not above, please delete them from below and add them back to the team.  To ADD a member to your team, click the ADD MEMBER link in the Team View.

Your team data:

  * Total members: 
  * Total starting miles: 

If you have a team member that does NOT show up in your Team Display, but does show up in this display, please DELETE the person from here. Go back to your team, edit the team, add the member again, and hit UPDATE on the form.
Team NameRider NameAERC IDMilesAgeState

No entries match your request.

Team NameRider NameAERC IDMilesAgeState