Rider Scoreboard - "One Rider All Horses"

This scoreboard shows the points earned by each rider for all horses they ride, hence “All horses”.  

Please note:  Year end awards are generally not given for the top placing rider unless our budget allows for them.  This scoreboard was a popularly requested item a few years ago, and we’re happy to provide it.   

PLEASE NOTE:  All points earned from riding an AERC sanctioned event (LD & Endurance) are updated as we receive official records from AERC.  We typically receive results at the close of each month.  If your ride’s results were not sent to AERC by the end of the month, it will not be reflected until the next update.  Your submission of a ride report IS included in the totals under “bonus points” (1 pt/ride report).  

LAST UPDATE: 08/22/2020

Top 5 "Riders - All Horses" by Division

Membership Results: "Rider - All Horses" by Division

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  • Junior - All Horses
  • OTV - All Horses
  • Picked - All Horses
  • Cooked - All Horses

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