Rider Details

This Rider Detail view is the list of activities that make up the scoreboards.  This includes rider submitted data from the green bean activity submission form and the last update from AERC.   .

AERC Ride Date will not be included unless 1) your ride manager has submitted the results to AERC and 2) the results are included in the monthly file we receive from AERC.   If it has been more than 2 months since your ride, please check your AERC record.  If it’s there, then notify the Green Bean Scorekeeper of a missing ride.  

Due to the large volume of entries, your details are displayed in two separate tables – one for those entries submitted on this website (i.e. ride reports and bonus points) and those received from the AERC Ride Results.  

NOTE:  For 2021, the Tally-Hoe bonus points were added under the Ride & Tie category.  Given the complexity of adding a new category, the decision was made to insert these bonus points under an existing category.  So if you see RT points, but you didn’t do an RT, you’ll know why! It was the Tally-Hoe points!

2021 Results are posted; See Scoreboards.