Rider Details

- preliminary 2020 results -

This Rider Detail view is the list of activities that make up the scoreboards.  This includes rider submitted data from the green bean activity submission form and the last update from AERC.   .

PRELIMINARY SEASON RESULTS!  Please LOG AN ISSUE if you see something incorrect.  Note: If you’re missing a bonus point, let me know. I may have deleted it in error.  If I did, I’ll restore.  If you didn’t submit it at all, unfortunately we can’t accept late submissions at this time.  Please double check your AERC mileage/pulls/Back to Backs.  If anything is missing, please LOG AN ISSUE.  All results are in but not official until the Endurance News is reported but we can close our results early if everything looks okay.

Green Bean data:   Updated 12/13/2020

AERC Data: Updated 12/13/2020