One Rider - One Horse Scoreboards

These scoreboards shows the total points earned by each rider and horse unit.  Any non-riding bonus points earned by a rider are included in the total for each horse.   If a member does not have any horse specific points, bonus points are still accumulated and shown here.

All riders who earn at least 10 points will be given a year end completion award.

Year end award given to top rider in each category:

  • OTV: 0-99 Miles
  • Picked: 100-499 Miles
  • Cooked: 500-999 Miles
  • Junior:  Riders under age 16

To see the points for each category earned, click the “+” button on the Division column.

For a detail list of bonus entries submitted by rider, please visit the Rider Detail page.  
Helpful hints: To view only your division, enter it in the filter fields at the bottom of the table or in the search field.  Include all entries and print to PDF.  

Top 5 Rider & Horse Units by Rider Division

All Rider & Horse Units by Rider Division

  • Junior - One Horse
  • OTV - One Horse
  • Picked - One Horse
  • Cooked - One Horse

2020 Rider 1H - Junior

2020 Rider 1H - Picked

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