Green bean point system is tallied many different ways.  
  • Teams: Up to 5 riders and all the horses they ride.
  • Individual: One Rider – One Horse
  • Individual:  One Rider – All Horses
Descriptions of these can be found on the rules page. Points are updated as entries are submitted. AERC ride data is uploaded once weekly.  All divisions are in a single tab view, however, you can filter by division to find the rankings in each one. Something wrong?  Please log an issue

Check here to see if AERC’s results from your ride have been posted.  If your ride results are on AERC’s website and it’s been longer than one week and are not found below, please log an issue.

No known missing rides

If it’s been more than a week since you saw your results on AERC and not in here, please log an issue.