Tally Hoe! Mileage Challenge

With Endomondo retiring, we’re left without a way to manage a yearly mileage challenge.  After considering a few other programs like Map my Ride, Garmin, Equilab, and more, none were a perfect fit.  Since we already collect miles for rides, it wasn’t a stretch to create a similar process to handle our very own mileage challenge.  

Introducing the “Tally Hoe! Mileage Challenge”!  Green Bean Style!!  

  • Unlike our Green Bean programs, we’re opening this up to any current AERC member, however, year end awards will be divided between Green Beans and the “Open” class.
  • Miles are accumulated per horse/rider team.
  • Miles must be submitted within 30 days of the ride date.  
  • You may include a GPS link to your track but manually tracked submissions are accepted.  
  • All miles count.  This includes miles earned from competitions, arena riding, equijogging, or from pulling a wagon or cart.  
More than just a leaderboard!  This works great as a ride-diary!  The details you submit are only viewable by you.  Export the entries anytime to excel, pdf, or csv.  Here’s what we collect for you – and if you have any suggestions of what else you’d like to include, let us know and we can add it.  
  • Your AERC ID /Name
  • Horse ID / Name
  • Type of entry (Competition, Trails, Arena, Equijogging, Driving)
  • Date of entry
  • Miles
  • A 5-star rating scale
  • Photo upload
  • Notes section

There is a $10 fee to participate in the Tally Hoe! Mileage Challenge.  

The fees will be held in a separate account from the regular Green Bean Endurance Challenge membership fees.  These will be used to pay for year end awards for this challenge, additional expenses incurred for the website, travel expenses for the directors to attend AERC convention to represent Green Beans, and Green Bean “swag” to give out at convention.

  • Price: $10.00
  • $0.00