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If you registered a team with us, the members you added will be listed below.  This information can be edited by you during the open enrollment window which concludes March 15th.  

Your team data:

  * Total members: 
  * Total starting miles: 

Team NameRider NameAERC IDMilesAgeStateRegion

No entries match your request.

Team NameRider NameAERC IDMilesAgeStateRegion


  1. To edit the details of any member, simply select the Rider’s Name.
  2. Click Edit Entry icon.
  3. Make any adjustments as needed.
  4. Click UPDATE.


  1. Select any existing member record and click the Add Entry button.  This will duplicate that record. 
  2. Click OK on the website notice indicating you are about to duplicate a record.
  3. Select the duplicated rider record by clicking on the rider name.  A new view will load.
  4. Click Edit Entry icon. The form view will load.
  5. Edit the entry for all fields.  If the member has joined Green Beans, the data should auto-populate upon entering the AERC ID value.  If not, just enter the correct data.
  6. Click Update when complete.
  7. Go Back to view the team list, which should now reflect the new rider.


  1. Click the rider you wish to delete to open a new view.
  2. Click DELETE Entry.  

If you have any issues, please email us.

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