The Green Bean Mileage Derby

With Endomondo retiring, we’re left without a way to manage a yearly mileage challenge.  After considering a few other programs like Map my Ride, Garmin, Equilab, and more, none were a perfect fit.  Since we already collect miles for rides, it wasn’t a stretch to create a similar process to handle our very own mileage challenge.  

  • The dates of this program align to the AERC and Green Bean season (Dec 1 to Nov 30).
  • If there’s a technical issue, please log an issue.  Your patience is appreciated!  Nobody wins a car here! 
  • Miles are accumulated per horse/rider team.  You must use care when typing your horse’s name and it must be consistent to tally correctly.
  • Miles must be submitted within 30 days of the ride date. 
  • You may enter activities that occur in the 30 days preceding your membership join date
  • You may include a GPS link to your track but manually tracked submissions are accepted.  
  • All miles count.  This includes miles earned from competitions, arena riding, equijogging, or from pulling a wagon or cart.  
  • Everyone who accumulates at least 100 miles (across all horses) is eligible to receive a year end Tally-Hoe patch with the year on it along with a certificate.
  • Year end prizes will be awarded in each division (Junior, OTV, Picked, Cooked) according to most miles accumulated for a rider/one-horse team.
  • Earn 5 points per 100 miles/horse submitted in the Green Bean Endurance Challenge. Note:  We can sync your Tally-Hoe miles to the program challenge points, but cannot sync your challenge points to create Tally Hoe entries.  (that’s clear as mud, right?  Contact Deb if you have questions)
  • Program admins reserve the right to modify the rules (there aren’t any – other than “be honest, please” and submit things on time).


NO SIGN UP NECESSARY!  If you are  current Green Bean member OR if you miled out as a past member, you are able to participate now.  Not a member?  Join now

Hi!! To enter your miles, please LOGIN.

Hi!! To enter your miles, please LOGIN.

2022 Leaderboards

This leaderboard displays all rider and horses teams for every division.  To see only your division, there filters below the column headings for you to use.

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