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All ride related mileage and points will be included as we receive data from AERC. That includes points for completions, pulls, and back to backs. Please use this form to send us all other point activity.

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NOTE:  These rules are a copy of the RULES page.  If there’s any discrepancies, the RULES page is correct. 
To receive any of the following bonus points,  you MUST SUBMIT THEM TO US within 60 days of the event.  Deadline to submit the below activities is Dec 1, 2022.

    • Test the Form – 5 points  Our way to know if you understand how to use the form is to give you a freebie! (5 point max/season)
    • Get a Mentor – 15 points (15 points max/season)
    • Volunteering at an AERC ride.  10 points per day or  5 points per half day
    • Manage an AERC Ride.  Your name must be listed as a manager/co-manager on the AERC website or on the ride flyer – 50 points each ride day
    • Entry-level Rides. Must be held on the same day over the same trails as an AERC event.  Must have a pre-and post- ride vet check.  Must be between 5 and 15 miles long. – 10 points each
    • Competitive Trail Rides. Must be held by an accredited CTR program (NATRC, UMECRA).  Must have a pre-and post- ride vet check. Completions only – no points received for pulls or ride options. Must include link to ride flyer or results– 1 point per mile  (NEW for 2021 season)
    • Ride & Tie/Equathon Rides. Must have a pre-and post- ride vet check.  Must include link to ride flyer or results – 1 point per mile (NEW for 2021 season)
    • Sponsor a Junior in an AERC LD or Endurance ride.  The junior does not be a GBE member – 5 points per junior per ride
    • Attend a Clinic.  Must be an AERC or Regional Club clinic OR complete the Endurance Essentials online course (see discounts page for link) – 15 points each
    • Seminars (in person) at AERC or regional AERC affiliated club (SEDRA, UMECRA, PNER, etc).  5 points each
    • Webinars (online) 2022 scheduled webinars hosted by Green Beans, AERC, AERC-I, or SERA 100MM series, ODEEO  (or other by approval)– 5 points each
    • Crew for an AERC member competing in a single-day 100 mile AERC sanctioned event. – 15 points each
    • Trail Maintenance Hours hours worked to maintain trails which must be reported to AERC.  Must follow guidelines here https://www.aerc.org/static/TrailHours.aspx. – 3 points per hour  (NEW for 2021 season)
    • Write an Article for Endurance News and/or the Green Bean Blog.  We may select your article to be published so think of this as something you’d want to see in Endurance News or showcased on our Green Bean Blog or Newsletter – 5 points each
    • Submit a Ride Report.  Since we are receiving ride results from AERC, this is an extra credit point to help us capture a little bit about how your day went!  You can submit this for any/all rides you attend, completion or not.  There’ll be place to indicate if you had a first ride, earned a BC or top ten or first place, and a comment section to include a few lines about your ride.   What went well? What didn’t?  Was this a first ride? First Top Ten?  BC? Send us a few lines or a few paragraphs.  1 point each.
The following points will be calculated after the AERC ride results are received.  Because we don’t get points in real time, and AERC gets results dependent upon each respective ride manager, it could be several WEEKS before your ride you just completed shows up in the Green Bean scoreboards.
  • Ride Completions. Earn 1 point per mile plus added Endurance  Multiplier for 50-100 mile distances in single day.
    • LD 25-35: 1 pt/mile
    • Endurance 50-70 miles: 1 pt/mile + 0.25 pt/mile
    • Endurance 75 miles: 1 pt/mile + 0.50 pt/mile
    • Endurance 100 miles: 1 pt/mile + 0.75 pt/mile
  • Ride Non Completions due to
    • Vet pull (metabolic, lameness, surface factors): 5 points
    • Disqualification: 5 points
    • Over time: 10 points
    • Rider option: 10 points
  • Back to Back Same Horse.  Ride the same horse in back to back LD or Endurance rides with both days earning a completion.  10 points each consecutive day.
  • Back to Back Same Rider.  Ride a different horse in back to back LD or Endurance rides with both days earning a completion.  5 points each consecutive day.

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Remember – this does not include points earned by riding an LD, Endurance, Back to Back, or Pull/RO’s.

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