Team Registration is Closed for 2022

Being on a Green Bean Team is way to meet other new riders like yourself!  Gather up 4 of your friends, or throw your name in the mix to be assigned to a team!  Either way, we’re here to help you.  If you haven’t created a login here on our site, please do so now.  Once logged in, you’ll be able to fill out one of these forms to have us help you find a team, or to get your team registered!

The deadline to form a team is MARCH 15.

Please Note:

  1. Teams do not carry over from the prior season.  
  2. It is helpful, but not required, to have one person from the team register the team.  
  3. You must join Green Beans 2022 before you can be added to a team.  
  4. You must have an AERC Member ID to join a team.   
  5. Members must have a 2022 AERC membership standing before any points are allocated.  The grace period ends February 15, 2021.

2022 Team List

 Team Name Team Lead Accepting Riders? Total Members Starting Mileage
A-TeamErica HollenNo41510View Team Members
Adventure AwaitsKaren JarviNo5620View Team Members
American Horse PiratesHelena GeorgeNo5270View Team Members
AZ Frijoles VerdeAlisa MisevichNo52580View Team Members
Between A Walk And A Hard PaceKristine RitterNo51056View Team Members
Blazing SaddlesMichelle FederYes - please contact me with potential riders.51805View Team Members
Boss MaresDanielle WilsonNo3135View Team Members
Brew Strong Finish StrongRhiannon DaviesNo52650View Team Members
Bucking Broke BritchesCamellia BowieNo41265View Team Members
Cascade WondersTara QuinnNo51185View Team Members
 Team Name Team Lead Accepting Riders? Total Members Starting Mileage

2022 Team Members List

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