Who is Green Bean Endurance and what do we stand for?

Green Bean Endurance is the competition platform for Green Bean (new) riders with less than 1000 combined competition miles in the sport of endurance everywhere.  Our rules are simple:  Keep it positive, give it your best effort, find yourself a great mentor, join up and get your RIDE on!  We encourage riding your distance of preference.  If that means you want to rock LD then come on! Or if your goals lean towards upping your distance from intro to 100 we want you here ☺  We offer a TEAM & INDIVIDUAL competition platform, but you are welcome as a member even if those are not your goal or you do not feel “ready” just yet.  Green Bean is also sponsoring a free Endomondo challenge that counts all of your riding miles.   We offer meaningful prizes and year end awards for our competitors (but no 4 wheel drive vehicles) ☺ and if you have not figured it out, we love LIME GREEN.

Our group recently had its first anniversary and we are growing strong.   We have riders with zero miles in the On the Vine category and riders that have now bean there, done that at 100 miles in a day!   We are a fun group that supports your growth with encouragement, laughter, and kindness.   Visit us on FACEBOOK.

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