The Best Endurance Riding Education

The best information you will get concerning bringing your horse into the endurance riding fold are other accomplished riders who have a longevity in the sport.   To find one, search here.  Click on the education tab, then click regional mentors.  Please keep in mind that not all of these mentors will “ride” with you, but are fantastic resources when you need problem solving.  They have already likely faced the problem and found some workable solutions.  

Intro clinics are a mini-education on the basics.  You learn how a ride operates, and how to negotiate through things like pulsing down, and vet checks, staying on trail, just a super way to get started in the sport.  Click here for a list of clinics in 2016.    It just doesn’t get more comprehensive than this!  The clinics are usually very low cost and you get to talk to people who are accomplished in the sport, make new contacts, and get a hands on feel for what the sport is like.

At the end of the day, don’t get over-whelmed with the need for information.   Especially internet sources that can only take you someplace in your head.  Thinking and doing are completely different and you can overthink the process and slow down your entry to the sport.   Remember to keep it simple, increase your horse’s conditioning gradually, and get yourself to a first ride!  Ride it slow, and it will teach you much of what you need to know.  If you ride it using the full time allotted to you and look at it as an educational experience you cannot lose!

We welcome you to the sport…get your RIDE on!

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