New to this site? Wondering about Green Bean?

So maybe you are a little murky on this thing called Green Bean Endurance.  You know what endurance is, and you know you find it either regionally or nationally, but you are perhaps a little bit mystified as to the purpose of Green Bean.
Green Bean has been a rather organic national movement of endurance riders who either support new endurance riders, or the endurance riders themselves who are new, looking for contacts and information.    So you might say that Green Bean is a concept that others have their place in the sport,  that there is more than one way to skin a cat (or snap a bean for that matter), and the philosophy is that almost all of us have useful information to share, or pertinent questions to ask, and that we should feel assured of sharing and or asking to make our endurance riding dreams (at what-ever level) come true, on our own terms.
Green Bean is a small off-shoot of that vine that decided it might just be fun to have some competitive goals as a  TEAM or individually to give riders something to reach for and to be proud of in their first few years of the learning process.  Competing on a more level platform with a point system driven by miles, education, and service rather than placements (as in open endurance).   So our goal is basically to provide a fun, safe, venue of competition for Green Beans (novice endurance riders with less than 1000 combined endurance/ld recorded miles).

Our teams and individual roster have closed for this season.  But we hope you will join us (FREE) and follow the competitors, ask questions, begin a conditioning program for your equine, find an AERC intro clinic near you and become part of the body of endurance riders across the country.

As a bonus of joining our group you may ask the ~admins of this site for promo codes for savings on the purchases of your endurance riding gear.    To access those you need to be on our membership list, and you can facebook message Deb Moe or Jacke Reynolds for the code to save 15% off your online purchases.   Membership has other benefits as well and qualifies you to participate in in some of our random drawings for fun endurance related items.   If you check out the side bar to your right, we have many wonderful sponsors who give in big ways to our group to make the learning process all kinds of fun ☺

So what are you waiting for?   Join Green Bean Endurance today and Get your RIDE on!!!

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