Sportsmanship in Distance Riding

The act of good sportmanship in the distance riding venues is a broad, yet important topic.  Sportmanship encompasses all aspects of one’s participation both inside the trail competitive venue and outside in one’s public interactions.  It does not end when you’ve hung your tack on a hook, and fired up the computer keyboard.

On the Trail:

Ask before passing.

Leave open gates open and closed gates closed.

Do not draft (this means park behind someone for their horse to pull your’s along).

Take your turn in the pulse gate as well as at the vet.

Show courtesy at the water stops.

Mark your horse with a red ribbon in its tail if it is a kicker.  Green if the horse is starting out and you are unsure what the horse might do.  If you see those ribbons, give the horse some room.

Thank the person who gets your horse’s pulse, thank the vet, thank the ride manager.

If someone seems lost…point the way.

Offer solutions, not accusations.   Stuff can go wrong, it will go wrong.  Be a part of the solution rather than an extension of the problem.  It might not help you with the problem you are having today, but a solution may help someone else tomorrow.

Be neighborly.  

Smile.   It is amazing the transformation a smile can make to one’s persona.  So smile big ☺


So be friendly.

Offer your assistance.

The sport is FUN so let it be so!

Keep online messaging and emails positive. 

Be positive and helpful to others.

Remember that equestrian sportsmanship is a 24/7 proposition.   The person we are behind the keyboard is as accountable as the person who’s butt is in the saddle.

 “One of the things that characterizes endurance riding is a high degree of sportsmanship, and that includes courtesy to other riders on the trail. Basically, the “golden rule” applies—treat others as you would like them to treat you.” 

Keep it GREEN.    ~Admin

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