Only THREE days until the next FLASH PRIZE DRAWING!

The FLASH DRAWING is coming up in THREE MORE DAYS.  The goodies in the FLASH drawing are open only to PAID riding competitors.

Here is how it works:  In the Green Bean Garden there are three rows to hoe.  You are never quite sure what you might dig up!    We draw a name from our paid competitors,  and email the person drawn with this question:

Which row would YOU like to hoe?  #1, #2, or #3?

The prize is revealed, and you may:  Accept it and have it shipped to you, and your name is pulled from the drawing.    Or, you may reject the prize and have your name returned to possibly be drawn at a later date.     If you reject, we expect the prize you know about to be kept TOP SECRET, as we will move to the next person drawn, and continue the game until all three prizes are either accepted or rejected. 

Want to be eligible?    It requires:  That your ride fees have been paid & that we have your contact information (email/ shipping address if you win).

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