The Green Bean Endurance R-A-C-E

Say what!!!  No racing in the bean patch.  Our competition is based entirely on completion and distance.  As a rider or horse brand new to the sport, we encourage you to find a mentor, utilize sound advice, properly prepare your equine to the job at hand, at the pace necessary to finish (NOT WIN, NOT PLACE) a ride.

Endurance riding and Limited Distance riding are both demanding sports, and the demands increase with the distance of the ride.  Let’s look at it this way….

R (really)
A (at risk)
C (competing)
E (equine)

B (better)
E (equestrian)
A (against)
N (non-completion)

There it is.  What’s your hurry? Keep it slow, keep it real, drag in the points… and get your RIDE on!

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