Happiness Is…

Our High Point/High Mileage 2015 champion TEAM: FREEKS recieved their year end winning jackets at the UMECRA convention.  

January 23rd our  High Point, High Mileage Green Bean TEAM went to the UMECRA convention.  Team F.R.E.E.K.S.   A long distance hug was sent my way.  The sender could not have known how much that really meant to me.  (Thanks Cassie)   As one half of the Green Bean competition leadership component, I
 am SO PROUD of this group of young women and their mentors.   You display everything that was the goal in this group’s inception,  including positive example, determination, steadfastness, 
 good sportsmanship,
 and infusion of exciting young blood in the sport of endurance.  Young ladies you
 ROCK the bean-dom.  You really do.
 My personal goal in November of 2014 was to stand endurance riding on its ear. 
 To find new ways 
for riders to
 enjoy this sport, 
while continuing to embrace the important old values of endurance. 
 More than anything, my wish was for new riders was to foster a sense of belonging within the sport.  To encourage new AERC & regional membership,
 while supporting and rewarding slow incremental growth.  
This past ride season our riders rode 11,905  miles, increasing AERC census by 125+ riders.  
50% of our rides were Limited Distance, 50% were Endurance. 
 Four of our riders completed 100 mile rides last season,
 including The Old Dominion & Tevis. 
We built an amazing network of riders, with serious growth in the
 Northeast, Midwest, and 
Central regions, and the green
 fire wound its way across the country into new regions.  
I am proud of our GREEN BEAN riders.
 Every ride, every try.  Each and every one of them.  What’s holding “you” back?
Come join us in 2016.
Get your RIDE on!
~Jacke Reynolds

Co-Director, Green Bean Endurance

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