To our INDIVIDUAL one rider/one horse competitors…

We know you are a different breed of rider.   You like the horse/rider partnership, you like the miles, and you enjoy the simplicity and independence of just doing your own thing.     We are happy to have you in our group.

Maximizing Points

In this competition there are many ways to maximize your scores through BONUS POINTS.  Be sure to read the RULES so that you understand how to get those points.   Bonus points usually mean there are forms you will need to fill out and return to your divisional Co-Director (Jacke Reynolds).  For the purpose of the High Point rider those bonus points can make or break you.    You will find many options in that category so work it!    You will also be able to increase your point totals by working up to longer rides, we encourage you to increase mileage only when it is appropriate, not just for the sake of points. 

Submitting rides to the scoreboard

Please submit your rides promptly after your competition.  Your form for doing this is Submit an Individual Ride.  Please give your ride secretary five to seven days to enter your score.   If you believe we have made an error contact  We do our best to update your scores promptly and accurately, but we are human beans

Enjoy your year

We want you to have fun, get to know other Green Beans, and to give us prompts when you have had a personal success.   Don’t take it all so seriously that you lose sight of the goal.  FUN!!! Thank you for riding Green Bean Endurance / Individual.

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