So you are riding on a TEAM…

Things to consider as a 2016 TEAM rider.


An interesting component of the Green Bean Team competition is the make up of our teams.   Some teams are all people that know each other and perhaps compete together, meet up for conditioning rides, and basically get to know one another (if they don’t already).    On the other hand, we have teams that are far flung regionally, will never lay eyes on one another,  and could pass each other while vacationing — and never register a blink of recognition.   This is why we network.   This means if you are in this “who is my team” category, make good use of facebook and email to find out.  Band together electronically.  Talk about your goals, your glitches, your success, your head on pommel or butt on the ground moments.  In other words, use whatever means necessary to get to know one another.   90% of the fun in this group is building those new social networks.  It helps new riders feel “connected.”  It strengthens your resolve when it is just isn’t your day.   Don’t stop there.  If you are at a ride venue and see some blazing LIME GREEN,  ask that rider if they are on a Green Bean Team or Individual.   Give them a shout out  ☺   They may not be on your team, but they are on our broader team and we all support one another to our greater good.  Since everyone is completion oriented you might end up riding “with” a competitor!  So use those networking tools.  Our group is growing and that means many potential wonderful friends just waiting for you at rides all across the country.  We congregate on FACEBOOK.   Be sure to join that page as it is the happening place!

Turning in rides 

It will become important very quickly to turn your rides in to the scorekeepers.   You will use a function on the tabs section with the heading SUBMIT A TEAM ride.   Please only submit your ride once ,  and allow your scorekeepers 5-7 days to append your score.   Our scorekeepers are also endurance riders, hold jobs, and track Green Bean, so it may take a week from submission to see the change on the scoreboard.   We also are not infallible humans if a week goes by and you truly believe your scoring shuffled off to buffalo email :

Have fun this year

You are a TEAM.   Plot, plan, and use strategy how best to maximize your scores while riding safe and sanely.   Remember that as you grow in ability that increasing your ride completion distance increases your potential score (and your potential for a pull).   Also that obtaining a mentor and utilizing that mentor means bonus points.    Also accept that stuff will happen.  A team member might have a life changing event that reduces their ability to attend rides.   Be kind and understanding.  The biggest award you give or get is being a friend.   Don’t put so much weight on the game that you lose track of the true message of Green Bean Endurance.  Just have fun, do your best, and at the end of the day…that is good enough ☺

Be sure you know the rules

 Read the RULES  and you might want to copy/paste/ and print them out.  If you have questions or need clarification:  or hop onto our facebook page and message one of us there.

We look forward to our second year of TEAM competition.

Our group is comprised of some of the most awesome people in endurance.  We appreciate all of you, your spirit of adventure, and your team work.    Thank you for riding GREEN BEAN TEAMS 2016.

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