Once upon a time at a ride camp — far-away was a bean…

…a very GREEN bean.   Sound like a fairy tale?     In the confines of this group it is more truth than fiction.   Green Bean Endurance is comprised of the fairest of fair.  The truly green bean riders of endurance.  If you are reading this and fit the demographic of being green (less than 1000 combined endurance riding miles) this blog is for Y♥U.

The problem with being new to something, is you don’t know the unspoken rules.  This will be a short primer on enjoying the coming year as a GREEN BEAN distance rider.

  • Don’t get caught up in “other people’s” rides.

The most important concept to grasp in your first year of Green Bean endurance riding is that this competition is NOT ABOUT WINNING.     Someone as a by product of our competition will, however—if this is your first season of riding Green Bean take an oath with yourself, your TEAM mates, and especially your HORSE, that the goal for the year, is to do your personal best.  If that means you place dead last, that is not a failure.   In fact, if you slowly learn the ropes of the sport this year, and come out at the end with a sound & happy horse…nothing else matters.   Your placement does not matter.    So ride your own careful and cautious rides, learn and enjoy what it means to “turtle” (come in last) at a ride.   Slow completion is what you are seeking for the purposes of being a shiny new Green Bean.   There will be people in our group that have a good base on their horses, and they might up it a notch or not.  But if so that is their ride.  Not your’s.   Do what is safe, sane, and right.   Figure year one is all about learning the process, and debugging your issues.   If you do only that you will be a BIG FAT WINNING BEAN.

  •  Don’t lose track of the social experiment at hand.

 That word “social” is important.   What happens when you get to a ride often colors your future view of the sport.  Find others of your kind at rides.   If you are new you need those supports, and if you are a year two bean, look out for those who might look a little lost.  Even if they are not in our group, we can show them that we are a caring bunch, point the way, and offer encouragement.  Sometimes a bean will find a bean at a ride.  Find out what TEAM or division (Individual) they are riding in, share a high five and trade emails.   The purpose this competition was truly based upon above all else is building those social networks.  If not face to face, from afar using Facebook, email, texting, or phone conversation.   At the end of the day every single rider in this group was that shiny new (and perhaps scared and lonely sort of bean).   Don’t forget your roots (pun intended) support one another.

  • On the fence about riding as a member of Green Bean Endurance?

Hop on over to our FACEBOOK page and see what all the talk’s about.   It is a closed group, but if you request to join it you will be approved.   We have a fabulously supportive network of riders going strong in the NE, MW, and Central regions, as well as representation across the USA.   Follow our riders this year, encourage, encourage, encourage!   If you like what you see?   Registration is still open for TEAMS of FIVE and Individual until the last day of January.  We would love to have you in our group (even if you choose to be a non-riding member).     
~ Admin

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