Get to know the Bean-dom (aka: using the website)

The Green Bean Endurance website is a blog format, which  allows your administrators of the site fast and easy postings, changes, and notifications.   It also allows you to get the job done in regards to:

Benefits of FREE membership include random give-aways, and a special promo code from the Riding Warehouse to save you $$$ on endurance riding gear.   It also gives us a contact process to let you know you have won something, notify that there have been rule changes, or other news.   We don’t email “often” but sometimes need to reach our membership.

Registration is a requirement for all TEAMS & INDIVIDUAL competitors.   This step needs to be taken prior to payment of ride fees.

 Understanding and following the rules are the basics of good sportsmanship.  Please read the rules for the competition you sign on for and if you have questions please contact the administrators at :

This mechanism is how your rides get appended to the scoreboard.   You or someone on your TEAM will have to use this submission tool so that you get credit for your ride, and points are assigned properly for your efforts.  The site admins will not submit your rides!  Our job is to find them on the resulting spreadsheet, transfer them to the scoreboard, which then gives your ride a point value.


To have a seamless and trouble-free interaction with the site requires that every rider get to know the white page tabs at the top of the website AND you might need a google account to access some of our forms which run on the Google platform. 

  • Filling out the various forms required on the website

You will need to create a GOOGLE account to use Forms.  You will need to be signed in to GOOGLE.

 Forms help the administrators find what we need much more quickly than manually emailing, inquiring, or Facebook prompting.   It is the greatest tool we have at keeping all of our data organized.  Though forms can seem pesky we use the info to grab an address to send a prize, to make email contact with a member,   and to claim year end prizes (to make sure shipping addresses have not changed over the course of a year, and to know, that you want the prize (believe it or not, some are not interested in completion prizes). This saves our group limited $ for postage.

  • Contact us:   
  • To find us on FACEBOOK

This group is in its infancy, we are learning every day, and working hard to try and make the Green Bean experience fun for all.      We hope you have a fantastic year and Get your RIDE on!

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