We are up to 100 TEAM riders already! GBE NEWS


Registration for TEAMS has been going hot and heavy for the past week.  Green Bean Endurance has 100 TEAM riders nearly planted, and 15 Individual riders.


This past week we were blessed with several great sponsorships.   One will sponsor an entire TEAM and the others will offer prizes in our FLASH drawing which is open to our riders only.   We have some very nice things as give aways this year and to win them you have to first get IN THE BEAN patch by signing onto the FLASH prize give away.   If your name is drawn you are given a choice of which row you want to hoe?  One, Two, or Three?    The winner picks a row and the prize is revealed to them.   At that point they can keep the prize and be pulled from the drawing, or they can pass the hoe to someone else and stay in the drawing.  The process continues until all three prizes are given away or passed.   All of the prizes are worthwhile as a green bean rider, and some of them are REALLY nice, you just don’t know “when” they will sprout up in your particular row!  So if you are a registered competitor be sure to sign up and get your name in the drawing!


The Green Bean Wear Store:   We will have a form and paypal link to buy official Green Bean t-shirts.  Show your Green Bean status at rides!   Proceeds of these and other items will help fund our prize drawings.

Official Green  Bean Endurance Tack:  This will take you directly to a tack vendor’s site where you can purchase our official Green Bean Tack.  These will be offered from our biggest sponsor who supports our Green Bean Endurance competition in very wonderful ways!

Green Bean bridle tags:   These tags braid into your horse’s mane.  Imprinted with your name/ and phone number, and they also glow in the dark in case a certain horse likes to slip out in the dark.

So stay tuned.  Our future is BRIGHT.

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